100 days of lockdown

100 days of Lockdown, Already?

100 days of lockdown already?

 My lockdown story began on 26th February 2020, whilst waiting for the MOT on my car I registered my company with HMRC on my phone – what better place and time to do it, right?

Who would have thought that 3 weeks later lockdown would arrive, and we would be told to go home and not leave the house? Again.  Ever.  Well for the foreseeable future anyway.

I thought, “Holy moly (or words to that effect), what was I going to do?” I was going to roll with it, that’s what I was going to do.   For the first couple of weeks I hung out with the boys in the garden,  I’m very fortunate to live near the River Wear in Washington so we would play ‘pooh sticks’ over the little footbridge near Cox Green during our allocated 1 hour of exercise.

However, as enjoyable as playing ‘pooh sticks’ was, all the hanging around would not build the business I dreamed of, so I set to work. 

My company is called ‘The People Place HR’– mainly because ‘The People Place’ was already taken and I
loved the name so much because it represented my purpose – Creating a Better Place for People to Work. 

I’ve worked in HR over 18 years and in that time, I’ve witnessed the move from ‘traditional and
transactional HR’ to ‘People and Culture focus’.  And that’s where my passion lies, in understanding
and engaging with your people it will allow you to harness your most valuable asset.  Now, who doesn’t want value for money?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing people, companies and agencies so during the 100 days of lockdown I picked the phone up and contacted them. I dialled into Zoom and Skype meetings, I got talking to people about their people.  I asked questions and I listened to the answers.  Business owners, like me, just simply couldn’t afford to stop trading but some struggled with ‘if I can’t see my team, how do I know they are working?’  My response: you don’t, you have to trust them. 

Working from home is different from working remotely.  Currently, most people, again like me, are at home trying to work.  At home I didn’t have space I could work, I was surrounded by; my boys, my husband (also trying to work) the washing, the dishes, the fridge (oh my, I’ve eaten so much!) the list goes on.  It’s not feasible to work the traditional 9-5 with all those distractions going on. 

So, what did I do?  I rented an office at Co*Shabang and flipped my working life on its head. I hang out with the boys in the morning then head into my office in the afternoon after I’ve taken my 6-year-old to school.  I finish work around 5pm and my husband has rustled something delicious up for tea.  He’s found a love of cooking during lockdown – it’s the best. Then I start working again for a couple of hours in the evening. 

As a business owner, you can put measures in place to ensure that your people are logged on during their
working hours or you can let them complete the work when they can because you trust them, your people aren’t just productive from 9-5pm.

You can empower them to continue to work despite all the distractions around them because you trust

You can change your conversations and expectations with your people to discuss task not time because you trust them.

I love to hear your views and for more information get in touch at hello@thepeopleplacehr.co.uk

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