Inclusive Recruitment in Tech

Inclusive Recruitment in Tech

I was fortunate enough to work in the tech space and while I found it exciting and ground-breaking in many
areas, it is a space which could benefit from a stronger mix of diversity.

I know from first-hand experience that recruitment is the biggest challenge and pain point with Diversity and Inclusion Charters. So, when my friends over at 50:50 asked me to join them as their HR panel specialist during their virtual session at #dynamo20 in June 2020 to discuss a holistic approach in attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce and how an inclusive recruitment process can aid this, I jumped at the chance. 

During the session, we covered many areas including job ads and how to expand your reach, gender natural
language, interview and selection process and how to create a lasting impression with a successful onboarding process.

Many people that think it’s the leader’s responsibility to create the space when diversity can thrive, and
that’s partly true. It is the responsibility for everyone within the organisation, industry, and wider community to play their part in creating inclusive environments where all are welcome.

I was asked my top tip: Take personal ownership for your learning and stay curious about different ideas and

Thanks to technology the session is available

I love to hear your views and for more information get in touch at

Written by Maxine Henry of The People Place HR – The home of straight forward HR Support, get in touch today.

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Inclusive Recruitment in Tech
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Inclusive Recruitment in Tech

I was fortunate enough to work in the tech space and while I found it exciting and ground-breaking in manyareas, it is a space which …

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