Understanding your purpose and values

What’s your Why? Understanding your purpose and values

Whats your Why? Understanding your purpose and values, is it important? I think it is.

In my corporate working life, I’ve always had a good understanding of the purpose behind what I was doing; whether it was ensuring parts arrived on time to Nissan, to the fabrication of next generation oil platforms.  As I progressed through my career and held more senior positions the purpose and values of the organisations became more inspirational from ‘creating a learning platform for everyone’ to ‘saving lives’. Pretty moving right?

To quote a term I first learn from DPA Consulting, ‘understanding your MTP (Massive Transformational Purpose) is the single most impactful tool in your arsenal to assist in growing and sustaining your business.’  Essentially, why do you get out of bed in the morning?  Importantly, do your staff and customers understand your values and purpose? Later, as a HR Manager I had the pleasure of working with FizzPopBANG who taught me the importance of marrying your internal brand and values to your external brand and purpose. 

During the early stages of lockdown and like most, I really struggled with the whole home schooling and working from home scenario (the mix was like water and electricity and definitely not for the faint hearted) and to be truthful this really started to get me down. I questioned what I was doing with my life and why I was doing it.  My friend Sarah told me about two coaches she had worked with; Donna Elliot and Cheryl Lee  from Now Is Your Time. Amongst other things, she said they gave her a spring in her step. I immediately looked them up and joined their next available session. They covered so many different areas with me. Importantly, they have equipped me with the tools to focus and become really crystal clear on understanding my purpose and values – my why. Turns out I value courage above all.  Having the courage to put my family first, to make difficult decisions, and how I want to show up.  So, if you’re looking to put the “spring back into your step”, I wholeheartedly recommend looking them up.

Successful business leaders that understand their purpose and values – their why, can use this powerful tool to drive engagement within their teams, to improve communication between their people and their customers and increase productivity. And it can work in all areas of your business.


Think about the last time you recruited someone.  Was it easy to find someone who was the ‘right fit’ for your business or did you struggle?  When it comes to recruitment, my rule of thumb is ‘recruit on values, train on skill’. If their personal values don’t align with the values of the company then the relationship won’t last.

Creating a great place to work

By incorporating values and purpose into your recruitment process you are ensuring that within the candidates you attract someone will possess the values needed to compliment your purpose.  I’m not saying that individuals will always get along and the workplace will be without friction, because it won’t. However, by understanding an individual’s key drivers and values you are able to come to a resolution faster and therefore create a culture where everyone is able to thrive and grow.

The same can be said when delivering bad news.  People can smell a rat from a mile away, but if you are able to fairly deliver the information in an honest and authentic way, although your team might not like the information being delivered they will better understand the reasoning behind the decision.

As ‘Gen Z’ emerges into the working environment, their quest for all things inspiration doesn’t stop at their leisure pursuits.  This generation are actively looking to make a difference in the world and want their contribution felt within their community.  They are looking to businesses and their leaders who are able to clearly articulate that they understanding their purpose, their values – their MTP.  These are the next world leaders, wouldn’t it be nice if one of them worked for you?  

As always, my advice starts with a conversation about what you want for your business and your team. Together we can work out a plan to achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to have that conversation?

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